Economics Of Organizing A Race Weekend

Ever wonder what the budget actually is for organizing a race in the Race Ontario championship?

5 of our 7 events are held at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (CTMP/Mosport).

Costs at Calabogie are considerably higher. Shannonville can be less - but so is participation and entries.

A typical event at CTMP incurs the organizing club expenses of $54,900 !



Event Budget

Track Rental $17,515
Ambulances $ 5,073
Food and beverage $ 6,071
Tickets/Programs $ 5.932
Radio rental $ 1,785
Insurance $ 2,825
Permit $ 2,725
Trophies $ 1,795
Subcontracts (Doctor, MMS, CTA, Towing etc.) $ 4,564
Worker Gifts / Podium Supplies $ 805
Admin (Printing, Equipment Replacement, Stationery, Fuel etc.) $ 1,030
Contingency (5% Approx) $ 2,000
TOTAL $54,900

It will take an average of 118 entries per event - at the 2013 "FULL (2 day) PRE ENTRY FEE of $460" to cover those costs.

Average entries for the 4 "club" events at CTMP in 2012 was 125 (but that includes several reduced entry fee registrations for 1 day entries or second drivers).

If you do the math, calculations and look at the big picture - fee increases have been unavoidable (and kept to a minimum).

One bad event - and the club takes a bath - which they can't afford.

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